Application: Digital Workspaces & Expert NPC Systems

I’ve seen a few examples of remote desktop applications for virtual reality headsets. These have all been both expensive and terrible. I haven’t found one that works at all with multiple displays.

I would like to build an environment that allows users to do a wide range of tasks in the same virtual space, just like Hiro’s office in Snow Crash.

I can also see simple visual extensibility for accessories like telescopes. Perhaps there is a walkway or bridge emerging from the main environment to reach an observatory which lets you interface with a real telescope you have set up somewhere or even rent time on one elsewhere in the world.

Another example of visual extensibility would be something like Hiro’s Librarian from Snow Crash. This could be a simple NPC that maintains a complete local copy of data sources like wikipedia, dictionaries, etc and performs complex searches and cross-references on request.

These NPCs and other constructs could even interact with one another.

There is a huge potential marketplace for expert systems in the form of interactive NPCs able to access complex systems and abilities in order to help users do more.

This dramatically increases the bandwidth between the user and the systems while also saving the user a lot of time and effort.