The Big Idea

Coding boils down to three primitive structures; sequences, selections, and loops (Plus REST primitives). Visualizing these logical structures is easy.

Tools like IFTTT make it easy to connect things together and make logic happen without writing any code. There are countless tools available today to do similar work. This can often transpile to other programming languages and then compile into executable software.

I knew I wanted to start making vr apps and build really interesting immersive visual experiences around things like radio interferometry and thermographic vision systems. Starting with a way of building software from within vr seemed like an obvious first step.

Think Of: IFTTT + Garry’s Mod.

There are already countless examples where gamers are using open world games like Minecraft and Garry’s Mod to build virtual machines that can perform complex calculations and do everything that computers can do. They are doing this using existing game mechanics to perform those complex logical operations, but without any input or output to the real world beyond the player’s keystrokes and screen. I am proposing to do build an open-world game with the intention of it being used this way. It would be able to integrate input from things like APIs, CLI, REST, or other sources. Then it can perform logic on the input and send requests or responses to actually take action in the real world.

Imagine opening the 3d model associated with a construct and directly manipulating the logic inside.